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Find a Support Group

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Do you have questions or concerns about a local support group?  Please contact the Foundation at 877-643-3123 or info@gdatf.org.  

You’re not alone!

Support groups are available for patients and family members impacted by Graves' disease, Thyroid Eye Disease, and other thyroid-related disorders.  They provide a forum to share feelings, concerns, and information. Support groups offer peer support and encouragement to patients seeking help on coping with their illness. Spouses and caregivers can derive a better understanding on how to help their loved on. Its a chance to meet new friends.

Support groups may feature physicians and other medical professionals specializing in related topics. For more information about meeting dates, locations, and speakers, please contact the support group leader or call the Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation national office at 877-643-3123.

The meeting schedule is subject to change. Before attending a group for the first time, call to verify the date and time. Group meetings are free of charge and open to patients, friends, and family members.

The Foundation is working diligently to expand the location of support groups and we are always interested in motivated, dedicated volunteers to assist us. To find out how you can help to organize a support group in your community, please send us an email from the Contact Us tab or call the National office toll-free (877) 643-3123.

NOTE: Advocates are Patients with years of experience who volunteer with the Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation many provide advice on the Bulletin Board. They offer phone & email support and may also run a support group. Some offer help on a specific topic as noted, while others may live close to your city which can be helpful in looking for medical assistance.

Support Groups

Click to view all local support group pages.  



Kimberly Dorris - Email: gdatf.az@gmail.com or phone:  877-643-3123.
Topics: Southwest help for Graves' disease patients.


Sharon Barbour (Ski) - Email: skibeanie@earthlink.net. Bulletin Board Facilitator.
Topics: West Coast help and general thyroid information; family/relations issues


Elaine Martinez - Email: lakewoodgraves@yahoo.com
Topics:  Colorado help for Graves' disease patients 


Jan Kintz - Phone: (561) 967.9659
Topics: South Florida help for Graves' patients, Graves' eye disease.

North Carolina

Nancy H. Patterson, PhD - Email: nancyngdf@gmail.com or home phone: (828) 698.8244
Topics: GDF Founder, available for ALL questions, help and Graves' thyroid information. 


James Sardachuk - Email: jsardachuk@shaw.ca. Bulletin Board Facilitator.
Topics: Canada West Coast help for Graves' patients, Men & Graves' disease.

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