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#1 Jan. 10, 2012 17:39:34

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Help Us Fight Spammers and Blog Commenting Services!

In an effort to keep spammers off the forum, first-time posters are automatically placed on “moderate” until their initial post can be reviewed and approved by a facilitator.

Unfortunately, there is a whole new industry called “blog commenting services”. These companies pay people to post comments on blogs and bulletin boards that have *some* connection to the topic at hand. Their M.O. is to go back after the fact and update their posts or signatures to include web links to their paid clients.

We want members to be able to come to this site for useful information and support, without having to wade through a bunch of general, unhelpful information. Facilitators will be very aggressive in blocking posts and banning posters that appear to have originated from a blog commenting service. If you spot a suspicious post, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. The Foundation will remove the post and permanently ban the spammer.

If you are a legitimate poster and you believe you were inappropriately blocked or banned, please contact us at [email protected]. We cannot recover blocked posts, but we can “unban” users.

Thanks for your assistance!

GDATF Forum Facilitator

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