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#1 July 19, 2012 21:24:10

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Wife want divorce and family in shambles

Hi Bobkatak,

I've just read your story and i'm feeling for you! I've recently had kind of the same experience. My ex-girlfriend was diagnosed with Graves disease and is really distant and has moved out of our house. She said she didn't loved me anymore.

Just tonight, i found out that she is seeing someone else. I keep telling myself this is due to the Graves and still hope that her medicines kick in and she will be back one day. She also tells me that she likes the hyper state and well it is really dificult to talk to her. Because each time I bring up Graves disease she tells me that I blame everything on Graves and that it is my way of coping with our break-up. To the point that I doubt myself.

I don't know what to do maybe you have some great advice because you've been there?


#2 July 24, 2012 10:23:19

Registered: 2012-06-25
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Wife want divorce and family in shambles

Hello. I've read all of your updates. I'm so sorry your wife has moved out.

GD can make one feel very very unhealthy and frustrated but in all honestly, I personally feel that it is probably the “last drop” as they say. In other words, the disease, like anything else that causes high emotions, such as a new baby, cancer, etc., will only intensify what is already going on in the relationship. Having said that, it could be that your wife already felt the way that she does now but that the disease experience along with other events has allowed her to actually act on it. The getting sick and completely changing ones personality to the point to seeing other people and wanting a divorce reminds me of how a person would act if bipolar. I have read about GD affecting ones memory but I haven't read anything about one acquiring bipolar like behavior, though I may be wrong since I'm so new with GD.

You mentioned that you have older daughters and I'm assuming you have been married for a while. I've read and I have also been told by friends who are psychologists, that divorces tend to happen at certain times and one of those times is when the children are grown and moving out of the house. In those situations divorce some times happens because it is at that time that one of the parents feels that it is safe to move in the direction they have maybe wanted to move towards for some time but had not since he/she was afraid of how it would affect their young children. I'm not saying that is the situation in your case but it is something to think about. It can also be that the courage was just not there and being sick has made her think about what she wants her future to be like.

Since she has moved out and has asked for some space, I personally think that as long as she is seeing her Dr and taking her Rx, that she should be given the space and time she has asked for. After all, she is a grown adult. I think I remember reading that she is seeing someone else though? In that case, I think I personally would just want to move on and let her take care of herself. That is just me though since I'm of the opinion that there are some lines that just should not be crossed in a marriage.

I wish you the very best healing from all this. We'll be looking forward to your updates.


~ Fellow GD patient diagnosed June 2012 with a non-existent TSH, elevated fT3 and fT4, and a TSI of 4.5. On Methimazole 30mg/day for the first 8 weeks. On Methimazole 10mg/day for the next 6 weeks. On Methimazole 5mg/day for a week and a half. On Methimazole 5mg every 4 days for a month. On Methimazole 2.5mg/day starting Nov 15, 2012. In Nov labs showed a normal fT4, a normal TSH, and a TSI of 3.2. As of May 2013, still taking Methimazole 2.5mg/day and labs are all normal. TSI is unknown in May 2013. On Methimazole 2.5 for a total of 17 months. TSI 2.1 on July 2013. On Methimazole 1.25mg/day March 2014 - June 2014. TSI 1.0 in March 2014 (normal range <= 1.3). Discontinuing Methimazole as of June 2014. Diet: Gluten and yeast free. Love to read and learn. Very interested in the immune part of GD ~

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