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#1 Aug. 22, 2017 18:43:17

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low TSH and normal T3

Well i got my Lab results back. My TSH is 0.052,Free T4 is 1.56 and T3 is 110.my Dr has agreed to up my Levo.i start alternating .150 and .175.iam just so happy to actually have a dr listen to me and not just look at my labwork.im feeling a little better,but not much.the brainfog is slowing and still have pain everywhere.im hoping the increase in meds will take care of that.Here is my question.If my T3 and Free T4 are normal but my TSH is suppressed,does that mean im not converting well?Its been 22 years since i had Rai.


#2 Aug. 23, 2017 04:44:15

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low TSH and normal T3

This is the best info I have found explaining thyroid values from Univ CA San Francisco.


#3 Aug. 24, 2017 16:13:36

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low TSH and normal T3

Hi all,
A great question and lots of information.
The interpretation of lab tests must be left to the thyroid specialist. Each lab has its own (different) range of normal. In order to know the meaning of the lab test one must get the range of normal for each test from the lab where the tests are done. Getting a print out of the lab tests enable you to see the test results and to know what questions to ask and to hopefully understand the answers.

Why does the level of output of pituitary appear sometimes to be contrary to the level of the thyroid output? Is it because there is another player—the hypothalamus in there? I would be very interested in hearing an endocrinologist’s explanation. Providing an answer may not be simple for the reason that the endocrine system is so complex and complicated.

I wish you the very best!

Ellen B GDF Online Facilitator

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