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#1 June 13, 2018 17:39:32

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Thyroid blood test normal. Frustrated. Please Help.

I'll try keep it short and to the point. I had a blood test with ‘normal’ results and I'm frustrated with this outcome based on my symptoms.

The changes in my eyes has me a bit freaked out.

Where do I go from here?
What additional tests can I have done?
What questions should I be asking my primary care doctor?

I have not seen an endocrine dr yet.

My symptoms:
-Hand tremor (20+ years)
-Inflamed pink eyelids especially outer margins/dry eye (20+ years)
-Constant caffeinated feeling (20+ years)
-Double vision when trying to focus especially up close (about 6-12 months)
-Left lid slightly droopy (about 2 years)
-Right eye goes off center when trying to focus, drifts outwardly (i just noticed this but is likely the cause for my double vision now probably about 6-12 months).

Propranolol 80mg/day (5 years) helps calm down the caffeinated feeling has help greatly with this.

Test results:

Thank you!

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#2 June 14, 2018 19:10:02

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Thyroid blood test normal. Frustrated. Please Help.

Hello and welcome - We are fellow patients here, not doctors, so we can't make a diagnosis for you. (And I've removed the lab images to protect your personal information.)

I would definitely seek out an endocrinologist. Waits can sometimes be lengthy, but your primary care provider might be able to cut through the red tape with a referral - or if you can ask to be placed on the cancellation list, that can get you in more quickly.

An experienced ophthalmologist could also help you sort out the cause of the eye issues. It *is* possible to have thyroid eye disease with “normal” labs, but it would be good to have other potential issues ruled out.

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