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#1 May 6, 2019 17:21:43

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Change in medication

So I have had Graves' disease since 2012 and it took about a year to find my sweet spot with a combination of Synthroid (brand) and Cytomel. After that it was smooth sailing with few problems. I recently had to find a new endocrinologist and was told that Cytomel is contraindicated in patients over 60 years old and she felt that I needed to get off of it. I am almost 69 years of age. She weaned me off of it over the course of several weeks. Until I was not taking any I really didn't have any issues. Now I have a lot of aches and pains all the time and my eyes seem very irritated as well. I am asking if anyone has had an experience similar to my scenario and how they resolved it. Thank you in advance for any advice for me. I would really appreciate any and all.


#2 May 7, 2019 02:28:09

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Change in medication

I am not a doctor, nor would I suggest ignoring your physicians advice, but in reviewing the warnings on Cytomel, I see no absolute contraindications for elderly patients in the absence of heart disease.
Has your TSH gone up since stopping the Cytomel, and if so, this should prompt an increase in your Synthroid dose.
I have never used Cytomel but keeping myTSH within a narrow range of 1 to 2 works best for me.


#3 May 8, 2019 09:34:56

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Change in medication

Hello - I've not taken Cytomel (and am not a doc), but based on the prescribing info, it looks like the concern with older patients is with *overtreatment*.

You mentioned that you had weaned off over several weeks - maybe now you can sit down with your doctor and go over new labs - perhaps taking a look at Free T4 and T3 in addition to TSH to see where they are?

The fact that you had no issues just a few weeks ago, but are having symptoms now, is something that your doctor should take seriously!

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