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Survey Results!

Posted 9 years, 5 months ago (0 comments)

Thanks to all who participated in our recent survey on conferences and events!  The top requested geographic markets were (1) Southern California, (2) Chicago, (3) Northern California, (4) New York City, and (5) Central Florida.  The top requested presentation topics were (1) Thyroid Eye Disease, (2) Complementary and Alternative* Therapies, (3) Nutrition, (4) Long-term effects of living with Graves’ disease, and (5) Mental/Emotional aspects of Graves’ disease.

The vast majority of participants (close to 90%) preferred to attend a multi-day conference, rather than a single-day event.  A clear majority wanted to have full-service meals included in the registration fee.  On the other hand, cost was a significant factor that prevented people from attending the Foundation’s 2011 Boston conference.

Educational conferences are not fund-raising events for the Foundation; registration fees do not fully cover the costs of hosting a multi-day conference.  We will continue to explore options for hosting multi-day events, while keeping registration costs as low as possible.

Thanks again for your feedback – please stay tuned for further announcements on our 2012 educational programming!

*At this time, there are no proven safe and effective alternative therapies for Graves’ disease.



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